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Welcome Back!

Hi folks.  Don here. Thanks so much for spending your valuable time with me. I do appreciate that. 

Unless someone shares this page, (and please do), the only people who will see this are those who have taken my tour. Regardless, that’ll be a pretty short list, internet-wise, so welcome to the club.


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And now, why you're here:

My Bibliography

When I first started Bonaventure Don, I gave all my customers a printed reading list of the books on which I base my tour.  Since then, that list has grown and I’ve found it best to move it online.  Many of these books are available on Kindle, some only in print, and others are pretty rare.  I edit this list often so please check back.

Each title is a clickable link to Amazon.com, where I am an affiliate.  If my math is correct, I can retire after two hundred million people buy a book through my site.  So, y’all please get to clicking.


Thanks again for taking my Bonaventure Cemetery tour.  Feel free to contact me if you ever need info from a Savannah native.

Do come back and see me again.

Don Teuton



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